Adult Time Taps Michelle Flynn to Direct New Original Content

MONTREAL — Adult Time has tapped Lightsouthern Cinema’s Michelle Flynn to direct content for several Adult Time studios, including Girlsway and Fantasy Massage. 

As a current content partner of Adult Time, Australia’s Lightsouthern Cinema is best known for featuring all-natural beauties in picturesque locations. Under the new arrangement, Flynn will bring her signature Aussie style to various projects across the popular adult streaming service.

Adult Time reps report that production on new scenes began in early July and that fans can expect to see finished work as early as this fall exclusively on

“I’ve had my eye on Michelle Flynn as a filmmaker for awhile now and was very pleased to add her Lightsouthern Cinema channel to our platform in May,” said Adult Time’s CCO Bree Mills. 
“We’ve been rolling out episodes of Flynn’s incredible ‘Momentum’ series this summer to great success, and now we are eager to see what she and her production team can create with our Adult Time studios and originals — it’s going to be amazing!”

For her part, Flynn says that the thorough storylines and robust scripts signature of Adult Time’s original content present a new and exciting venture. 

“Australian porn is known for its relaxed vibe,” explained Flynn, “so for me personally, it’s a welcomed challenge to marry those vibes with a professional mainstream aesthetic like Girlsway and Fantasy Massage. I can’t wait to see what else we can do within the platform.”

“We are having an enormous amount of fun producing these scenes and our performers have really stepped up to the challenge. I’ve been really impressed so far on how they have handled the scripts and embraced the content,” she added. 

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