Police Search for Performer Charlotte Cross After Disturbing Text Messages

LOS ANGELES β€” Police are attempting to locate performer Charlotte Cross, after her close friend and former roommate Avi Love received a series of disturbing messages this morning.

The text message exchange, posted by Love this morning on her Twitter account, seemed to indicate that Cross had passed, though these claims have not been corroborated and her whereabouts are still a mystery:

[Update: XBIZ is contacting several Rileys, Bellas and Lucases in the industry and we have ruled out Hussie’s agent Riley Reynolds and performers Riley Reyes, Riley Star and Bella Bathory as the source of the supposed rumor.]

Love also reported that another unnamed close friend had told her that Cross had decided β€œto go MIA.”

Cross and Love attended the AVN House Party last night in Chatsworth. Witnesses also affirm having seen Cross at another gathering last night.

A reliable source who saw Cross around 11:30 at the AVN House Party said she was wearing a blue dress and she said she was going to swing by an afterparty at the nearby home of performer Jake Adams, and that later she had plans to go to the Local Peasant pub in in Woodland Hills. Performer Kenzie Taylor confirmed she saw Cross leaving Adams’ home around 12:30.

XBIZ spoke with several industry people who saw Cross last night and they described her as “happy,” “cheerful” and “looking great.”

If you have any information about Cross’ whereabouts, please get in contact with XBIZ, Avi Love or the LAPD.

This is breaking news. XBIZ will continue updating this report.

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