Maitland Ward Makes Seductive Debut for Blacked

LOS ANGELES — Maitland Ward is tub-thumping her debut for Greg Lansky’s Blacked as a vivacious, seductive real estate agent with an unusual commission plan.

Ward caused a commotion when she inked with Society 15 last month. She is a notable cosplay star and social media personality who first made her name as a mainstream television actress. As a teenager, she spent two years in daytime television on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and migrated to prime time with a recurring role on “Boy Meets World” from 1998 to 2000.

In recent years, she has marshaled a sizable social media following, and mainstream attention, for her topless photos and risqué cosplay shoots.

Jason Luv, the reigning XBIZ winner for Best Male Newcomer, inducts Ward in her major studio debut.

Lansky welcomed Ward to the Vixen Media Group family of star performers. “As an actress, she’s an incredible talent, and we’re proud to have her starring in this unprecedented film,” he said. “What drew us to casting her was her vivacious spirit and exuberant enthusiasm for everything she does. We look forward to continuing working with Maitland.”

Ward enthused about her experience with her Blacked production team. “I can’t say enough about what a professional, first-class, and fun set Blacked was,” she said. “I always knew Blacked was the highest standard in the industry, but I was still completely blown away by my experience. I’ve been on many sets in my life and career as a mainstream actress, and this was one of the most fun and fulfilling experiences.”

She thanked Lansky for the creative collaboration. “Greg and his team gave me the freedom to showcase my talents, push the boundaries, and take it farther than I’ve ever gone before, while making a beautiful, sexy, top-of-the-line feature film production,” Ward notes. “That’s why I’m so excited to work with Blacked. It’s the best.”

Click here for a hardcore preview and VOD/digital download details. Follow Blacked on Twitter. Find Ward on Twitter here.

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