ManyVids Offers 'MV Live Wheel' Cam Game

MONTREAL — Adding an extra level of fun for MV Stars and members, ManyVids has released its “MV Live Wheel” promo tool for cam performers.

“Many intrepid and crafty stars camming on MV Live have constructed physical wheels with options listed for what they should perform in their live shows or used third-party software to generate a digital wheel,” a company rep revealed. “Each wedge of the wheel has an option for what the star will do, and each spin of the wheel costs a set number of tokens. The Member tips the token cost, the wheel is spun and fun ensues!”

Calling it “spontaneous, thrilling and entertaining,” the rep said that every content creator can easily use the new animated digital wheel by clicking the “Wheel Menu” icon in the footer menu of their MV Live room.

Up to 20 acts or options can be specified along with the cost in tokens for members to give the wheel a spin.

“The MV Live Wheel adds a whole new level of exciting interactivity for both MV Stars and MV Members,” the rep concluded. “Try it out the next time that you cam or watch a streaming star on MV Live and join in on the fun!”

For more information, click here.

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