US Arcades Offers Free Credits to Tip Flirt4Free Cam Models

VAN NUYS, Calif. — US Arcades has announced its “biggest promotion to date”: every customer that enters a US Arcade starting September 1 gets ten free credits to tip a cam model. US Arcades exclusively utilizes the Live Cam feed from Flirt4Free. 

US Arcades owner David Joseph explained that since introducing the Live Cam channel over a year ago “we’ve seen customer usage, on average, increase across all locations. To maximize customer usage and revenue, we are excited to run a tried-and-true promotion where the first tip is on the house.”

Extolling the partnership with Flirt4Free, Joseph added that he considers it “the best cam company in the world to work with, period. They have engaging models across all spectrums and from a technical standpoint, they are spot-on. We have never once had an issue with them. They are the best.”

Customers are encouraged to tip freely with the credits, which are covered by US Arcades with no cost to individual stores. “Tipping leads to a better Live Cam experience, thus a longer customer stay per visit and increased visits to the store,” said a rep.

“I know this is a great promotion because all the stores I’ve spoken to are excited for this to begin,” said US Arcades VP Lewis Adams.  “Adult arcades that only show movies are a thing of the past. If a store wants to grow their backroom revenue and engage new customers, they should consider upgrading their system.”

Each store will receive in-store signs and a window-cling poster highlighting the promotion.

Current US Arcades locations span throughout 26 states across the United States, with 17 more to be added by the end of the year. Visit US Arcades online for a list of all 59 retail locations. More information available via email at, or by calling (818) 888-8738.

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