Maxine X, Sara Jay Star in Desperate Pleasures' 'Cum Crazed MILFs'

CYBERSPACE — Eric John welcomes starlet Vanna Bardot to Erotique Entertainment’s flagship site for a live show Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. (PDT).

Members of ErotiqueTVLive can view the show from two separate angles simultaneously, a noted feature of ErotiqueTVLive, and interact with the show’s host in the comments.

The performance will be archived and made available to members within a few days; the archived version will additional footage that was not broadcast during the live show.

“Vanna is a perfect example of the type of strong, intelligent, confident woman who is in the industry for all the right reasons and who has both the plan and commitment to be successful that we should all endorse and celebrate,” said John.

Bardot notes she was raised in “a sex-positive environment.”

“There was no stigma or negativity surrounding explorations of sex or sexual identity,” she notes. “Whether that was open discussions [or] it being okay for me to like girls, I was never surrounded by any shame and was able to grow and be comfortable with myself and my sexuality freely.”

Two months after she turned 18, Bardot began camming and stripping. “Everybody know what direction I was going to go in,” she recalls. She found an agent while working in Colorado and moved to the City of Angels in September 2018. “I flew out to Los Angeles, stayed two weeks, and completely fell in love with it, “ Bardot said. “I love Los Angeles and I love the industry.”

Bardot’s background resonated with John. “Though my parents were certainly conventional, I also was never raised with any stigma or shame regarding sexuality. I also discovered myself at a very young age,” he said.

“I never went through the classic ‘girls are icky’ phase. And when I discovered masturbation, my parents gave me a book called ‘Boys and Sex’ that addressed all the topics and questions with non-judgmental information,” he notes. “I assumed that was the normal way parents raised children — with information and guidance allowing a child to learn and think on their own. Unfortunately, I came to realize later how exceptional this was.”

Given the similarities in their upbringing, Bardot looks forward to Sunday’s live cam show.

“I’m very excited to work with Eric on ErotiqueTVLive on Sunday,” she enthused. “I like to display the side of myself that is completely open and genuine and performing in the live format is an excellent way to do that.”

John echoed her enthusiasm. “It’s a privilege to feature Vanna on the show, and I hope you all join us,” he said.

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