SpankChain Suspends Operations on Cam Site


The company announced they will refocus on “improving upon every facet of the cam site—starting with Performer Profiles.”

“Profiles will be a native feature for SpankPay, and will be integrated into SpankClips, CryptoTitties and 1.0,” the rep added.

“Spank.Live at its peak was an inspiring community of models and crypto enthusiasts learning about each others worlds, and about each other,” said SpankChain CEO Amee Soleimani. “The community deserves the best and we’re excited to continue to invest in future iterations of sex worker-friendly crypto infrastructure.”

Soleimani invited “models interested in being paid to beta test our new products” to please join the company via Discord.

SpankChain’s rep expressed the company’s thanks to “the hundreds of models and tippers who breathed life into the cam site over the past year and a half.”

“Please stay tuned for the relaunch of 2.0,” the rep added.

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