Stripchat, Dr. David Ley Combat 'Anti-Fappers' With Science-Based Cam Sessions

LOS ANGELES — Stripchat is again partnering with the Sexual Health Alliance for a live session addressing the stigma and debunking the pseudoscience of anti-masturbation campaigns such as #NoNutNovember.

Why Nut! Defeating Anti-Masturbation Sex Shaming” is set for Nov. 14 at 4 p.m. (EST).

“Sexual pleasure isn’t just enjoyable, it’s healthy,” Stripchat’s VP of New Media Max Bennet explained. “As an adult entertainment platform, we have a responsibility to fight back against the forces of sexual repression [and] this November, we couldn’t think of a better topic than to address than the misguided, harmful dogma of the so-called anti-fappers.”

Campaigns like the annual “No Nut November” advocate abstaining from adult entertainment and masturbation for at least a month, and promise everything from virility to clear skin to success in seducing women.

Stripchat began the pilot program in August, which makes therapists accessible online to speak with users after an internal study showed that large numbers of cam fans struggle with shame and stigma over masturbation.

According to the company, the initial session with Sexual Health Alliance’s Dr. David Ley proved popular, eclipsing other adult cam shows on the network in terms of audience size.

“The ‘No Nut’ campaigns are just the latest version of centuries-old moralizing about sex,” Dr. Ley noted. “We don’t need to give people — especially young people — any more reason to feel shame. There’s already so much anxiety about sex and masturbation. The more we can provide accurate information and reduce shame, the better. I hope to speak with users and debunk so much of the bad science that underlies this movement.”

Users must be logged in to ask questions, with free registration available, however, no account or membership to Stripchat is required to view the session.

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