Maxine X, Sara Jay Star in Desperate Pleasures' 'Cum Crazed MILFs'

LOS ANGELES — Eric John welcomes newcomer Paris Amour to Erotique Entertainment’s flagship site for a live show Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. (PST).

Members of ErotiqueTVLive can view the show from two separate angles simultaneously, a noted feature of ErotiqueTVLive, and interact with the show’s host in the comments as the performance is occurring.

“I felt like we had a beautiful intimate quality the first time we were together,” said John, “and I am very excited to be able to feature us together on ErotiqueTVLive. Please join us this Sunday for our next experience.”

Amour looks forward to the live cam show.

“I’ve always watched porn and always liked porn. I really wanted to do it since I turned 18, but I didn’t quite have the balls to embark on it, so I did the stripper thing for a few years,” she said. “Fast-forward, now I’m 24, and I felt like if I’m really going to do it, it’s now or never.”

The starlet has elected to sport a buzzcut style.

“I really enjoy the freedom of the industry, and the peer group, and the judgement-free aspect of being able to have the freedom to explore as I want to,” she said. “Obviously, as you can see just by looking at me, I’ve always been unique and different, and I think I can thrive in this environment being myself.”

“I can’t explain how much prettier I feel bald. Me not having hair makes me a thousand times sexier. And more in touch, it’s hard to describe how much.”

Visit the Erotique Entertainment portal, the main live website ErotiqueTVLive and live cam site Follow the company on Twitter.

In related news, ErotiqueTV has cam shows starring Jessie Rogen (November 24), Bunny Colby (December 15) and Jessie Lee (February 9, 2020) on the boards.

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