Bella French Foundation Hosts 100k Token Giveaway on MV Live

MONTREAL — The Bella French Foundation is set to give away 100,000 tokens, worth around $55,000, in tips to MV Stars who are camming on MV Live, this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28.

ManyVids cofounder and CEO Bella French launched her foundation last month as a special project to give-back-to and support sex workers, noting that “while MV exists for the sole purpose of being a platform built around the needs of adult creators and giving them the tools they need to build awesome careers, there’s still so much work to be done!”

“Society-at-large has yet to fully accept sex work as a valid job and sex workers as brilliant and creative entrepreneurs. So, the Bella French Foundation (the BFF) was created to further the mission and vision of Bella French and to give back to the amazing community of MV Stars,” a company representative revealed. “If you’re a creator on MV or have been wanting to try out the platform, don’t miss out on this incredible chance to generate even more revenue performing on the web’s best camming service, MV Live!”

This is the second time Bella will surprise MV Stars with big tips, following her first giveaway in October in celebration of her birthday. A video revealing the fun behind the first giveaway is available on YouTube.

For more information, visit MV Live.

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