FSC Performer Advocate Lotus Lain Offers PASS Explainer

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition’s Industry Relations Advocate, Lotus Lain, has released a helpful tutorial explaining how to log into PASS (Performer Availability Screening Services) to check on their testing status.

Here is the text of Lain’s message to her fellow performers:

Fellow Performers,

Have you ever wondered how to log-in to PASS but never knew how? Well, it’s remarkably easy to use and accessible at fscpass.com. To protect your privacy, we recommend signing up with an email account that does not include your performer name.

First and foremost, save the email you receive upon initially signing up. This email contains your PASS User ID number and your password. Save these as they are randomly selected so they may be tricky to remember since you are not choosing them yourself.

When checking other performers’ status’ make sure you also check their Photo ID and that the name on the ID card matches the name on the PASS screen. If they are Cleared To Work, you’ll see a green ‘X’ next to their name along with an expiration date. This date is when their 14-day test expires. Make sure it is within the date/s you plan to shoot together. If they are Not Cleared To Work, you’ll see a Red ‘X’ next to their name.

That’s all you need to know and all you need to check for. See how easy using the PASS system and website can be?

Now please, go forth and spread the message to your fellow performers so we can all operate professionally, equipped with the most thorough knowledge!

Your Industry Relations Advocate,

Lotus Lain

For the original FSC post, click here.

In related news, Lain recently received the Peer Empowerment Award at the annual XBIZ RISE Talent Appreciation Gala in Hollywood.

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