JustFor.Fans Adds 'Today's Sales' Page


The page is dynamically updated, so models can run (and stop) promotion sales anytime they wish.

“We launched a version of this page for Black Friday,” said JustFor.Fans Dominic Ford, “and it was tremendously successful in several ways. First, it exposed users to models they might not otherwise find. Second, it let users experience these models at low introductory prices.”

According to Ford, one model they consulted “normally gets 1-2 new subscribers a day. On Black Friday, he got 200 new subscribers. Based on the incredible success of that page, we decided to launch a dynamic version of that page that models can use as they wish. This way, we can connect more of our community of models with users who might not know about them otherwise.”

For more information, check the JustFor.Fans site.

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