Pornhub Donates $10K to SWOP-USA, Helps Group Fight Violence Against Sex Workers

NEW YORK — Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP-USA), a national social justice network dedicated to the human rights of sex workers and ending violence and stigma, has received a $10,000 donation from Pornhub in honor of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, December 17.

“Pornhub is a huge platform and has proven to be an important part of society. We look forward to collaborating with Pornhub to make the world a better and safer place for everyone who engages in sex work,” SWOP-USA Executive Director Christa Daring said. “Through education, destigmatizations and political/law enforcement policy shifts, we can make this happen.”

SWOP was founded in 2003 in the Bay Area, with its first major action being the coordination of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, a global vigil that continues to be a cornerstone of SWOP’s awareness-raising work. Since its founding, hundreds of individual activists have engaged in local SWOP chapters and national projects geared toward educating the public and policy-makers on the direct and institutional harms committed against sex workers and their communities.

“Here at Pornhub, we stand alongside sex workers, who are unfortunately marginalized in today’s society and face constant opposition via societal stigmas,” said Pornhub VP Blake White. “It’s important to remember that sex workers’ rights are human rights and they deserve to be treated without prejudice.”

“The systemic discrimination against the community can be disheartening, but we remain dedicated to providing sex workers with the freedom to actively promote social and economic empowerment, equality, acceptance and open-mindedness, including ensuring secure and reliable payment options despite the continued stigma from major financial services,” White added. “It’s important that we join alongside the SWOP-USA and help spread awareness so sex workers no longer have to operate in the shadows of society.”

To help raise awareness for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, Pornhub will alter the logo on its website for December 17, during which the logo will include a red umbrella, the international symbol of the sex worker’s rights movement.

For more information, visit SWOP-USA.

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