FSC Issues 'Gonorrhea Advisory' to Industry Talent

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) issued an industry-wide “gonorrhea advisory” to industry talent this morning.

The trade organization’s statement follows:

FSC PASS clearance greatly reduces the risk of potential exposure to STIs — there has not been a single incident of HIV transmission on an FSC PASS-regulated set — but like all sexual health prevention measures it does not entirely eliminate risk. Gonorrhea is highly infectious, and you can transmit the infection almost immediately after acquiring it — even if you have no symptoms.

Performers who are knowingly exposed to a potential infection have an ethical obligation to minimize the spread, and it is our responsibility as a community to help people understand the best ways to do that.

If you think you have been potentially exposed to an STI like gonorrhea, follow these best practices:

  • Cancel your future shoots for at least the next week and do not reschedule until you have been retested.
  • Tell your doctor or clinic and seek treatment immediately. You are not immediately cleared to work after your treatment; you can still be potentially infectious for up to a week.
  • Contact any recent sexual partners and let them know they may have been exposed to an STI, and that they should contact their doctor for treatment.
  • Get retested about a week after your treatment.

If you believe you have been exposed, or have any questions about FSC PASS or performer health, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide answers and walk you through potential solutions.

Find FSC online and follow the org and FSC PASS on Twitter.

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