ManyVids Lends Support to Sex Workers With #WeAreMany Social Media Campaign

MONTREAL — ManyVids (MV) is lending its support to International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers through its #WeAreMany social media campaign.

“Sex worker communities and social justice organizations are staging actions, vigils and raising awareness to fight for an end to the sexual violence, harassment, victim-blaming, online bullying and slut-shaming that too many sex workers have to endure in our society,” said a MV representative. “One of our contributions to assisting in educating the general public about both what sex workers have to face and how powerful, beautiful, and talented this community truly is, is through MV’s #WeAreMany campaign.”

“#WeAreMany is MV’s rallying anthem to any who feel marginalized and victimized,” the rep added. “You are not alone and there are strength and solidarity in the collective power of our movement.”

MV put together a #WeAreMany video featuring MV Stars Misty Stone, Jade Baker, Armond Rizzo and Domino Presley, sharing their call for societal change around sex work while taking over the streets and displaying the red umbrella — the symbol for sex worker rights — and the red stripes of courage, the symbol for #WeAreMany.

The #WeAreMany campaign invites supporters to join the fight by putting a red lipstick badge of courage on their face because red lipstick has long been associated with sex workers and sexuality, and MV adopted the lipstick face mark as a fierce and courageous symbol patterned after the black stripes athletes wear on their faces to protect them from the glare on the field. The #WeAreMany symbol is red stripes — protecting sex workers from the glare of a judgmental society as they perform on their playing field.

Since there is strength in numbers, MV is asking for those who wish to help raise awareness and end abuse in the sex industry to retweet the #WeAreMany video campaign pinned on their Twitter account and to re-MV this MV Social post about the campaign.

“Join the fight by putting a red lipstick badge of courage on your face and sharing a pic or vid of yourself on social media using the hashtag #WeAreMany,” the rep concluded. “Because of the stigma surrounding the adult industry, many adult performers don’t have a lot of places they can turn to for help, so the MV Hotline is there for just that reason. It’s a place that sex workers can speak to anonymous, confidential and judgment-free listeners If you need support or want to talk, please call the MV Hotline.”

The MV Hotline is available at (888) 350-3051, seven days per week, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (EST).

The #WeAreMany video can be seen here.

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