ManyVids' Hosts 'Millionth Video' Contest for MV Stars

MONTREAL — ManyVids is anticipating the imminent uploading of the one-millionth video to its popular platform and is preparing a promo to recognize it.

“Within the five years since ManyVids began, MV has become one of the fastest-growing adult communities with 2.7 million active MV members, 77.7 thousand MV Stars, and almost 1 million vids!” exclaimed a company rep. “In fact, ManyVids is going to hit the 1 million vid mark any time now and we want to celebrate this incredible milestone that’s a triumph for everyone on the MV platform.”

The MV Star who uploads the millionth video will be widely promoted by ManyVids through multiple channels, including promotion on MV’s social media accounts; a featured spot on the header of ManyVid’s Twitter account; a full row of the winner’s videos featured on the main MV page for 24 hours; and a pop-up leading to an MV Blog post and video about the milestone.

“Now’s the time to get your content out to the world and upload your vids because anybody could upload the one-millionth video,” the rep concluded. “Will it be you?”

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