CAM4 Launches Cross-Regional Content Program With 'The Latin Queens'

LOS ANGELES — CAM4 is launching “The Latin Queens,” the first of its cross-regional content programs, bringing a collection of their top Latin performers to North American audiences.

According to a rep, “The Latin Queens” is “a carefully curated roster of CAM4’s hottest Latin performers” who will be live every night during peak viewing hours (8 p.m. to 2 a.m. EST).

“We’re thriving internationally,” said Gwen Coleman, CAM4’s Program Manager for Content. “We have some of the highest quality of cam performers from all over the world. Diverse content initiatives like ‘The Latin Queens’ harness the star power of these performers while expanding their audiences. Everybody wins!”

“The Latin Queens” is “the first of many exciting and diverse initiatives” the cam site has planned for their North American market this year.

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