Cherie DeVille Tutors Tempting Haley Reed for Girlsway

LOS ANGELES — Cherie DeVille has returned to Girlsway with “Enough is Enough,” as the frustrated stepmother to nubile Haley Reed.

DeVille is shocked when she interrupts Reed’s masturbation session and asks her to refrain from self-pleasure around the house. “Haley understands, but won’t stop unless Cherie joins her. Cherie is hesitant, but she really wants to be the best stepmom ever. Haley gets things going with pleasuring Cherie, who then shows the younger lady pleasures that can never be self-achieved.”

The MILF star enthused about her latest experience with the studio.

“When I am asked back to Girlsway, I jump at the chance every time,” she said. “I love working for them and I had such a great time with Haley. I always love working on their fun and light-hearted scenes!”

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