CamSoda Offers Free Webcams to Super Bowl Players

LOS ANGELES — CamSoda has offered to install free HD webcams inside the private homes of the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers to ensure their safety and security during Super Bowl festivities.

TMZ is among the mainstream media outlets running with the story.

“The offer isn’t a gateway to porn,” TMZ reports, “it’s a security measure to ward off potential thieves. CamSoda’s thought is once the cams are installed, players can live stream the feed from their homes to monitor their property while they’re out of town — or have friends or family monitor the situation.”

CamSoda VP Daryn Parker cites the break-ins to the homes of Rob Gronkowski during the Super Bowl in 2018, and Yasiel Puig during the ’17 World Series, among other concerns.

“The last thing members of the Chiefs and 49ers should have to worry about while preparing for, and competing in, the Super Bowl is making sure their residences are secure,” Parker said.

The offer does not require the players to perform on the webcams; however, “ya gotta think CamSoda wouldn’t turn ’em down if they were interested,” observes TMZ.

Image source (webcam): Getty Images

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