Maxine X, Sara Jay Star in Desperate Pleasures' 'Cum Crazed MILFs'

LOS ANGELES — Jackie Rogen makes her debut on Erotique Entertainment’s in a feature-length sex performance with company CEO Eric John this Sunday, February 9.

This is the rescheduled show that was originally set for November 24, 2019. “The schedule changes had to do first with illness and travel schedules, and most recently with the implementation of an AB5-compliant payroll system,” John explained.

The 19-year-old Rogen did her very first scene with John last August. A first for the Texan beauty when she met the veteran male talent was foot worship.

“Oh, it feels really nice when Eric sucks on my toes,” Rogen revealed. “That was a first for me for sure, I want more on that on Sunday!”

“Obviously that’s not a problem,” John notes.

“I am really, really excited to work with Eric again, I can’t wait,” Rogen enthused. “ErotiqueTVLive is ideal because so many people can watch Eric and I have sex. The people filming, the computer host, all the fans — I am so looking forward to this.”

John added that, “We can see the fans jacking off for [her] on the monitors while we have sex.”

To watch Rogen and John’s feature sex show this coming Sunday tune in at 3 p.m. (PSR). Live content is available on the site seven days a week.

The 4K two-camera-edited, HD version of Rogen and John’s performance eventually will be available in the members area of ErotiqueTVLive, including alternate footage not broadcast during the live show.

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