Blog Unearths 1982 Adult Star Predictions on Future of Gaming

LOS ANGELES — What did the adult stars of the early ’80s believe the porn video games of the future would look like?

That question is now answered, as Erosblog’s “Bacchus” managed to unearth a spread from the September/October 1982 issue of Porn Stars magazine, in which the biggest adult stars of the day made their predictions for what they saw as the future of porn gaming.

“Kinky aliens are trying to destroy earth with golden showers,” predicted Ron Jeremy for “Penile Command,” his idea for the perfect future porn game. “Defend your cities with a giant umbrella or build an ark to prevent ultimate destruction.”

Some other imagined games had titles like “Whore Lords,” “Suck Off” and “Face Cum.”

“Prostitutes from outer space invade a busy Earth intersection and battle to the death for the money of the johns, some of whom have gonorrhea,” Kandi Barbour described about her game, “Whore Lords.”

Samantha Fox, Kelly Nichols and Annie Sprinkle are among the other stars who offered predictions.

Click here for the blog which contains a blowup of the two-page spread for maximum viewing hilarity.

Image: Porn Stars Magazine via Erosblog

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