Grooby Launches Trans Adult Twitter Directory TGTweet

LOS ANGELES — Grooby has announced the launch of, billed as “the first free trans adult Twitter directory.”

TGTweet is a free platform that allows trans models and those in the trans adult industry to add their Twitter account and basic information to a free directory. The site allows fans to easily find their favorite stars, a task proven difficult by the recent shadowbans on Twitter. The site also offers a free reporting service for spoof accounts, harassment and bullying. 

“This idea was born out of my own difficulties in finding our models on Twitter after the shadowban,” said company CEO Steven Grooby. “Often a model’s Twitter name can vary wildly from their real names, making it nearly impossible for fans to find them.

According to Grooby, TGTweet allows fans to “find their models quickly, or browse the models on Twitter and add them.”

“The reporting feature is something I was very strongly in favor of and it’s been proven to work already as we’ve blocked some accounts, and had spoof accounts deleted,” he added.

To access the TGTweet directory, click here.

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