Stripchat to Launch 'Sexuality Resource Center' With Livestream Therapy Session

LOS ANGELES — Stripchat is launching its new Sexuality Resource Center tomorrow with a Valentine’s Day livestream featuring relationship therapist Nicoletta von Heidegger.

The licensed marriage and family therapist and sexologist will lead a session titled, “How To Talk With Your Partner About Your Fantasies.” The cam session is free, and will be archived in the Sexuality Resource Center.

“This Valentine’s Day, Stripchat can help save your relationship,” said VP of New Media Max Bennet. “Many cam users come to Stripchat because they aren’t able to engage fantasies at home — a secret that can silence desire and become toxic. The upcoming session with Nicoletta is aimed at helping those people better speak with their partners about their sexual needs, including why they visit cams.”

The success and popularity of a pilot program in August featuring free cam sessions with relationship therapists prompted Stripchat to expand the program into the Sexuality Resource Center.

Von Heidegger is the second Sexual Health Alliance therapist to host a livecam session on the platform. Clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley hosted his own last August; Ley will appear again later this month with a stream entitled “What Do Your Fantasies Mean?”

“This is the first phase of a massive initiative Stripchat will undertake this year, helping our users reconcile their online and offline lives,” explained Bennet. “We see our cams, which reach 60 million visitors each month, as a platform for healthier sex and sexuality. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s good business.”

For more information on the stream and the Sexuality Resource Center, visit the Center’s website and follow Stripchat on Twitter.

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