Will Ryder Seeks Leading Ladies for New Erotic Comedy

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Filmmaker Will Ryder and co-producer Scott David are looking for their next leading ladies, specifically “fresh, up-and-coming actresses” for their new erotic comedy “Fashion House.”

Ryder is the reigning XBIZ Awards winner for Comedy Movie of the Year for Adam & Eve’s “Love Emergency.” The uproarious sex comedy also earned XBIZ acting honors for Tommy Pistol and Brad Armstrong.

“Fashion House” will also be released by Adam & Eve.

“We are attempting to be funny as fuck, tell an engaging story and win again, it’s that simple,” Ryder told XBIZ.

“I have an ensemble of veteran actors, you know, go-to-guys and gals that I know can deliver the goods,” he continued, “but we’re also looking to cast some up-and-coming talent that can handle dialogue and comedy in a high-profile feature movie.”

David notes they’re specifically on the hunt for “super-cute actresses, plus some young female extras with outgoing personalities that will have some dialogue.”

“Everyone should expect long hours on set,” David concluded. “Contact us as soon as possible because without a cast, the movie is gonna suck.” (“Don’t scare them away!” Ryder quipped.)

The director made a final casting pitch: “There’s nothing like the sweet smell of victory and I want some new cast members to experience that odor.”

Interested parties should contact Ryder directly and follow Adam & Eve on Twitter.

View a SFW trailer of “Love Emergency” here. Direct broadcast and licensing inquiries to peter@plaidbagmedia.com.

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