Ohio Pastor Claims 'Pornography' Is Not in the Bible, But 'Human Trafficking' Is

HARRISON, Ohio — Answering a reader question asking “What does the Bible say about pornography?,” Pastor Adrienne Greene of Harrison, Ohio, acknowledged that although “the exact word is not found in scripture,” the devil, “generation after generation, repackages and sells the same forbidden sex-practices God spoke about to Moses: homosexuality, incest, human trafficking and predatory abuses toward children and beasts.”

Ohio is one of the states currently attempting to pass copycat legislation drafted by well-funded religious lobbies declaring a made-up “public health crisis” around “pornography.” All these religiously-inspired bills are patterned after a 2016 bill passed in Utah.

The Ohio effort is spearheaded by state legislator Jena Powell, a 26-year-old fundamentalist Christian activist who graduated from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and whose family business controls a number of roadside billboards in the state.

Today, Pastor Greene used her regular column in GoErie.com to contribute to the state’s War On Porn propaganda campaign.

Although the Christian bible does not condemn all sexual expression — and itself contains several graphic examples of it, including a long erotic poem, the “Song of Songs” — Pastor Greene warns her reader that they should not “think for a second that mankind didn’t fashion for itself numerous outlets for perversions, fetishes and sexual exploits, even in the proverbial Stone Age.

The Christian bible, she claims backed by the scholarship of an online reference website, “records exhaustive examples of pornography which fit its definition of “sexually explicit items whose purpose is to elicit sexual arousal” (according to Dictionary.com.)”

After a historical aside, Pastor Greene provides a colorful personal definition of pornography that shows how much time she has spent pondering the matter.

“Ever since humans exited the Garden of Eden in a fallen state,” Pastor Greene writes, “we’ve crafted a kaleidoscope of sinful behaviors designed to satisfy any appetite. Sex is the devil’s favorite of the fleshly sins because it is the means by which human beings are reproduced.”

“Procreation is a particular threat to the demonic kingdom since we are the only species created in the image of Almighty God according to Genesis 1:27. So, it behooves Satan to attack our sexual sanctity – and he is relentless.

“Even the activities of the marriage bed, described in Scripture as a holy place of undefiled passion, are now filmed for entertainment by Hollywood husbands and wives. Our young women and men are then encouraged to earn fame as porn stars,” she added.

To read the entire advice column pitched to religious Ohio voters during an election year, click here

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