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LOS ANGELES — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), has named AdultWebmasterNet, BongaCams and ManyVids as its Featured Sponsors for March 2020.

ASACP’s Executive Director Tim Henning said the Association’s monthly Featured Sponsors rank among the industry’s most-respected companies and are examples of how responsible business policies, ethical operation and social awareness can help protect minors from accidental exposure to age-restricted materials.

“By sponsoring ASACP, the industry’s most prominent players prove that corporate responsibility and self-regulation keep minors away from adult-oriented entertainment,” Henning explained. “ASACP is proud to honor these companies that have demonstrated a commitment to online child protection, encouraging other digital media organizations to take a leadership role in keeping minors out of and away from adult entertainment.”

The support the Association receives from its sponsors enables it to continue its 23-year record of providing a range of educational and informational resources for digital media and other companies, including market-specific Best Practices and a universal Code of Ethics for online businesses, app publishers and operators of age-restricted websites.

Among its most notable achievements, ASACP’s RTA (Restricted To Adults) meta labeling system helps parents prevent their children’s access to countless adult-oriented webpages and mobile apps and is offered to all site and app publishers free of charge, as are all ASACP services, including its CP Reporting Tipline, which has processed over 1 million user reports to date.

“For March, ASACP honors BongaCams, AdultWebmasterNet and ManyVids as its Featured Sponsors, recognizing the continued, generous support that these companies provide to the Association, and honoring their commitment to making the internet safer for [minors] and families,” said Henning. “ASACP’s Featured Sponsors demonstrate that leadership and proactive corporate responsibility are hallmarks of the digital media business.”


BongaCams has served as “a trusted ASACP Title Sponsor” since 2016.

“Our collaboration with ASACP is based on our aspiration to prevent child exploitation on the internet and we do our best to secure their safety online,” explained a company spokesperson.

“BongaCams strictly prohibits streaming or uploading [non-consensual] content and takes on the obligation to contact relevant authorities if such activity is suspected. Thanks to ASACP’s support, the general public also has the opportunity to report on any questionable content and thus minimize the spread of child pornography,” the spokesperson explained. “The service provided by ASACP is fully anonymous so BongaCams’ visitors can feel totally safe reporting any suspicious videos — and therefore the fight against child exploitation will be maximally effective.”


AdultWebmasterNet has been an ASACP Corporate Sponsor since 2012.

“The company reviews all traffic requests to ensure minimum standards, such as the lack of underage depictions or even any allusion to them. AdultWebmasterNet also publishes its own set of Best Practices, which include encouraging clients to become sponsors of ASACP and to adopt the RTA labeling protocol,” a rep said.

“Although AdultWebmasterNet is not based in the U.S., it voluntarily complies with various U.S. federal laws, such as 18 U.S.C. §2257, which mandates performer age verification,” explained the rep.


In 2017, ManyVids joined ASACP as a Corporate Sponsor.

“ManyVids believes in ethical operation and in making a difference to help change the world,” explained CEO Bella French.

“We start by giving our MV Stars the technological tools they need to become successful, independent entrepreneurs in the safety of their own home. We believe that empowering our content creators to have complete ownership over the entertainment they make is key to shaping a healthier, sex-positive society that protects the autonomy and integrity of adult entertainers.

“We also understand how important it is to protect a younger generation who are not equipped to understand adult entertainment,” she continued. “ManyVids is proud to associate ourselves with ASACP and will hopefully entice other companies to do the same. This is the first step in the right direction toward protecting youth and creating a safer community where a healthy attitude toward sex is the norm.”

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