How Jane Wilde Went From Fan Girl to Star of Her Dream Jonni Darkko Showcase

LOS ANGELES — One of the most insidious myths about adult performers is that there is a uniformity to them. Their looks (“she looks like a porn star”) and their experiences (aka, “issues”) are turned into banal stereotypes by people with very little direct knowledge of the diverse crowd that performs in adult content.

Jane Wilde might not look “like a porn star” if your definition is someone like Stormy Daniels, Bridgette B or Romi Rain, but she is epitomizes many of the women who have joined the industry in the last few years — having come of age watching a variety of online porn, being in charge of their sexuality, knowledgeable about all aspects of the industry, and driven to always, in her words, “improve myself and go to the next level.”

This week Evil Angel has released Jane Wilde’s first showcase, “Jane’s Anal Addiction,” directed by top glam-gonzo auteur Jonni Darkko. It features four scenes: Wilde with her industry idol Adriana Chechik and close friend Jessy Jones; Wilde with Spiegler sister Paige Ownes and Rob Piper; Wilde being blow-banged by seven studs ;and Wilde enjoying a DAP from John Strong and Markus Dupree.

“Young porn prodigy Jane Wilde radiates ravenous lust!” exclaims the Evil Angel promotional copy.

For Wilde, who spoke exclusively to XBIZ about this landmark release in her career, the Darkko showcase is a dream come true, something she wouldn’t have thought possible to be part of three years ago, when she was a camgirl in Queens, New York.

Jane Wilde in 2019, after shooting the Dorcel orgy in a Bel Air mansion. Photo: Gustavo Turner

A Fan Girl From Queens

Like many of today’s young performers, Wilde cites the 2015 Evil Angel release “Adriana Chechik: The Ultimate Slut,” also directed by Darkko, as a crucial moment in her sexual development.

“The moment I discovered Adriana in Jonni’s movie,” Wilde tells XBIZ during a sprawling interview at a hip Van Nuys café, “I thought, ‘This is special, there’s something about this that’s not like anything I’ve seen before. She looks like a fucking supermodel in a commercial right now — and the shit that she’s doing…'”

“I just remember there was one point when I was watching the first showcase that she did with Jonni and there’s a scene in there, the big gang-bang, 10- or 12-guy gang-bang or something crazy like that and there was this epic tease in the beginning — his teases used to be much longer, he doesn’t do them that long anymore —  and I just found myself almost mesmerized by looking at Adriana. It’s the combination [with] the music — you know Jonni creates his own music — the beat just captivates you.”

Watching Chechik sway in Darkko’s extended tease made Wilde feel the way she would at an EDM rave. “You’re almost hypnotized, and then looking at her, just the way she’s using her body, and touching her body and her angles, and you’re looking at her and think, ‘This is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Wilde explains.

“And then I think, about seven minutes in, it just hit me, and I’m like ‘Wait, she’s about to get gang-banged’ and I’m like, ‘That’s the hottest thing I’ve seen in my entire life! Not the tease, not the gang-bang, but the fact that you’re warming up, you’re warming yourself up for that, and something about that was so epic for me.”

Wilde watched Chechik’s gyrations, followed by an improbable number of dicks as they bukkaked her. Porn’s “Ultimate Slut” took it all with gleeful abandon. At the time, Los Angeles, Jonni Darkko and Adriana Chechik might have well been in another planet for the extra petite camgirl with the piercingly smart brown eyes and long bleached blonde hair.

“I started watching porn very young, as a lot of people in this day and age do, because it’s literally right there,” Wilde says. “Nobody showed it to me. I found Pornhub when I was in school — that’s how people find it, it’s odd when you think how young these people are, but that’s the reality.”

Curious about the development of her own sexuality, Wilde became a self-described “fan girl” of the porn industry, particularly of gonzo spectaculars masterminded by Evil Angel’s Darkko and Hard X’s Mason.

After high school, Wilde decided not to attend college and started camming. In September 2017, after a year as a camgirl, Wilde decided to “get out of a bad situation,” which she describes as “traumatic.”

“I was trying to figure out what to do,” she says. “I didn’t want to leave the adult industry after webcamming, but it was a weird situation. I had invested so much time already and I felt the stigma was going to affect me in my life, which it probably would, in some way or another, and I just had a feeling that there was something that I could do.

She first, like many young sex workers who are not quite ready to take the full plunge into hardcore, tried femdom content, which she thought was “not for her. Financial Domination, while initially lucrative, didn’t feel sustainable for her.

Jane Wilde and Riley Reid

Adoring Porn Stars

In November 2017, Wilde attended the Exxxotica fan expo in New Jersey with a friend. “I mostly went because I’m a fan of porn stars,” she says. “I stood in line and I met Riley Reid, and I paid money take a picture with her — and now she’s my friend, and it’s so funny.”

At Exxxotica, the adult industry event closest to New York which brings people from the entire Northeast, Wilde witnessed Reid and other performers she admired, like Piper Perry and Gina Valentina, being celebrated for their work.

“This was the first time I had really seen people really adoring porn stars and showing them appreciation and love, and I was like ‘I want this,'” Wilde explains.

Having decided she wanted to be a porn performer, the practical-minded Wilde realized that she did not have the means at the time to shoot her own content and make it look the way she wanted it to look.

She got in touch with John from East Coast Talent agency (“because I was on the East Coast, so I figured I should go with them,” she quips), and he booked her first Florida shooting trip for January 2018. Since then, work offers have never stopped coming Wilde’s way.

Though she had a different name for camming, the new starlet decided on the somewhat unusual-for-porn “Jane Wilde.”

“At first I was thinking of the name ‘Sophie Summers,’ cause I liked alliteration, but then it just didn’t feel right, and then I thought of the last name Wilde,” she remembers at the Van Nuys café shortly after her second “porniversary.”

“I really wanted the name ‘Wilde,’ like Olivia Wilde, Oscar Wilde, because I like how it’s the word ‘wild,’ like crazy, but it’s also a real name. Then ‘Jane’ just came to me because I thought it was sophisticated, classy, elegant, simple, which is kind of juxtaposition to who I am — I’m not elegant, I’m not classy, so I just thought it would be funny for people to see this classy-looking name and then see me!”

The name choice was early evidence that Wilde was giving every aspect of her career her full attention — and her instincts were sound.

In Florida, Wilde shot her first few scenes for local studios like Reality Kings, Mofos, Bang Bros, Passion HD, and several other Porn Pros sites. These were the usual “starter scenes” for East Coast-based talent, a combination of faux auditions, some gonzo, and skits.

But as an avid porn viewer, the newly christened starlet continued being fascinated by the glam gonzo of the Evil Angel and Hard X showcases.

“For me, at the time it was just looking [around],” Wilde says, reflecting on her start in the industry in early 2018. “I didn’t think I could do stuff like that. I didn’t even have plans to do anal anytime soon! It was just an observational objective. That was not my aspiration or my goal. It wasn’t even in my head that I could even achieve that but it was always special to me.”

Even after experiencing attention as a performer, the gold standard for Wilde — “my Holy Grail, my Bible” — was Chechik’s “The Ultimate Slut.”

“There’s something special about that movie,” Wilde says. “Then I saw other showcases, and I realized showcases are really my jam because I think that if you get a showcase, you’re special, you’re obviously a great performer. I like the way showcases just make them look like a superstar. It gives them the recognition that they deserve as a performer, and it makes them look so amazing. And usually people set that apart from what they have been doing, what’s the norm for them; they take it to the next level.”

Jane Wilde on the set of her first anal scene, directed by Mason. Photo: Hard X

The Next Level

That “next level” is very important for Wilde as both a fan and a performer. Her career has been a series of self-imposed challenges to improve herself. An intense, Emersonian sense of self-reliance is apparent even in casual conversation.

Back in Queens, she says, her self-confidence was “in the shitter,” something she considers part of a lifelong struggle with her mental health.

“Honestly, I was so down on myself,” she says about the period immediately before her entrance into the industry. “I’m reading this book right now called ‘Anxious to Please,’ about people who are chronically nice due to anxious attachment in childhood, which means you didn’t get the proper attention and love as a child. It goes back so far. I definitely feel that that applies to me.”

Wilde was satisfied with East Coast Talent and she continues to be thankful to them for helping her with her start in the industry. Still, she knew she would need to make a bigger splash, and exhibit a stronger sense of confidence and direction to get to the next level, which would require a relocation to California, where her role models had turbo-charged their careers, often under the tutelage of agent Mark Spiegler.

“I didn’t even bother applying to Spiegler!” she says about those early days. “I knew who he was because I knew Riley Reid, Abella Danger, I knew these people were with the Mark Spiegler. I didn’t think I could be like that. I was like, ‘They are superstars! That’s the superstar agent.’ I didn’t think I could be with him. I didn’t think I was attractive enough. I didn’t know I could perform.”

The moment when Wilde actually felt like a porn performer came months into her career, when she saw the trailer for her first anal scene pop up on Twitter

Wilde may tell her career has been “a blur,” but she has an uncanny memory for milestone moments, dates, where she was and what she was doing when specific sexual or emotional landmarks happened for her.

“I remember the feeling vividly,” she says. “I was in a Bree Mills set, for her movie ‘Anne.’ It was also the very first time I met Bree. It’s so crazy to think about it now because I’ve worked with her so many times! Back then I was just an extra, I played one of the orphans.”

Jane Wilde (left, in grey woollen hat, on the set of Bree Mills’ “Anne,” 2018. Photo: Steve Holmes

Wilde’s closest industry friend at the time was the now semi-retired Ashley Adams, who had been booked for “Anne” as the orphanage’s bully. Adams showed Wilde Mills’ “Pure Taboo” series.

“I became obsessed with ‘Pure Taboo!'” says Wilde. “I was like ‘Oooh, this is insane, this is crazy, I’ve never seen shit like this in my life and I just remember telling Bree on set I was obsessed with ‘Pure Taboo.'”

During downtime on set, Wilde looked at her Twitter feed and saw the trailer for her first anal scene and she let out a yelp. “I was like, ‘Wow!’ I have never been so excited to see something. When my very first scene had come out, I just had a warm feeling inside. But when I saw the trailer for that first anal scene, I don’t know, it was just — different. I never experienced that kind of excitement before.”

That moment — in the “Anne” orphanage set high in the Los Angeles hills surrounded by industry royalty like Steve Holmes, Tommy Pistol and Sarah Vandella amid a starlet-studded cast assembled by Mills —  was special for Wilde, because she saw her future.

“This type of content, this hard gonzo anal type of content,” she thought, “That’s really my shit. When I was thinking about doing anal, I had no idea I was going to enjoy it so much.”

Jane Wilde (right) on the set of Bree Mills’ “Anne.” Photo: Steve Holmes

Anal sex was not really a big part of her off-camera sex life. “I had done it two times in my life just because the guy I was with really wanted to try it,” she laughs. “There was no prepping, nothing, I just did it. I liked it at the time but it wasn’t on my mind.”

The debut scene came about when Hard X’s Mason requested her for anal and she said she’d do it as part of a deal that included her “first interracial,” which she was eager to get out of the way so she wouldn’t be mistakenly considered one of the performers who chooses not to do them.

After she had agreed, her agent said “it’s this weekend.” It was Tuesday, and Wilde started getting anxious.

“I’m a small person! I said I want Mick Blue or someone good like that. And they got me Mick Blue and then I just remember Ashley was teaching me how to prep and we did a little video where she was fingering my ass and I remember I didn’t like that at all. It was her nails or her finger or something and I said, ‘This hurts! I’m gonna hate anal, I’m never gonna be able to enjoy it. This sucks!'”

On set, however, Wilde was just dumbfounded at how much she enjoyed it. “I was like ‘Wow.‘ I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the sensation that much and you know Mason loves the genuine reaction when you really like it.”

Wilde’s career was now on a steadier path — leading straight to this week’s “Jane’s Anal Addiction.”

Jane Wilde, 2020. Photo: Evil Angel

A Hardcore Anal Girl Who Gapes and Does Cool Stuff

Once word got around the industry that Wilde was doing anal, even before the Hard X scene had been released, she got requested for Mike Adriano, the “King of Gapes.”

At first Wilde didn’t know if she could handle Adriano’s famously huge dick, so she booked her second anal scene with a Florida company.

So, anyway, I did the anal, and I was okay. It came out, and the interracial still hadn’t been booked. And that was the first scene where I gaped!” she says. “I didn’t even know what that was, so when the photos came out people were like ‘Oh my God, Jane you gaped so big!’ I would say, ‘What are you taking about?’ They went, ‘Your asshole, is so big.'”

“I thought everybody else’s did that!” she laughs. “I wasn’t trying to do anything. It’s just like that! A couple of months later I was able to [shoot for] True Anal with Mike Adriano.”

Wilde looks back at these scenes now and thinks, “I can just take it.”

“I don’t know why it is. What’s the reason, what’s the phenomenon but I can take it pretty good and it’s a skill, it’s a gift, whatever it is, I just need to go with it and I didn’t even know at the time how much it was going to help my career,” she admits.

“I was clueless, almost like a baby in a new world not realizing what It’s happening and then it started to click for me, if you shoot for these sites and you make this kind of content that makes you way more popular, and I started to get this brand as like this ‘hardcore anal girl that gapes and does cool stuff’ and I’m like this is what I wanna be!”

Three more changes had to occur before we get to the “Jane Wilde” the industry knows and loves today. First, she started having second thoughts about the bleached blonde mane she had sported since her camgirl days.

“I was deciding at the time if I should dye my hair back to brown, my natural color, because my hair was so damaged and I decided this was going to be a new era of me, not just in the industry, but for me personally. I had been blonde for two years and I was like, ‘This is me signaling I’m going back to my natural hair color and I’m doing what comes naturally for me.’ I felt I was doing a 2.0. It was me coming into myself.”

The second and third changes that would put Wilde’s career on a rising path were a move to Los Angeles and finally mustering up the chutzpah to hire Mark Spiegler as her agent.

Wilde visited L.A. for the first time March 2018, two months into her career, and her first scenes were for Amateur Allure, Cherry Pimps and James Deen.

“I was so nervous,” she says about meeting Deen, “and he was the nicest guy and it was such a good scene and he was so natural.”

Mid-year, Wilde got booked for Girlsway with Alina Lopez and Kristen Scott. The standout scene, directed by Stills by Alan, was called “Duplicity.”

“I worked with Alina and it was such a good day of shooting — everything, [from] the content, the dialogue, the scene itself — and I think we exchanged numbers and I was at the model house hanging out with Ashley Adams and Alina texted and said ‘I’m at my agent’s house right now, Mark Spiegler, and I told him about you and he wants to meet you,'” Wilde remembers.

Lopez urged her to come over to Spiegler’s immediately, says Wilde, “because it would be a great opportunity and at the time I was not at the point yet where I thought I was ‘Spiegler Girl’ material.”

Lopez confirms the fateful encounter. “I remember the first day I met Jane,” Lopez tells XBIZ. “She was new, excited to be on set, and full of confidence. In fact, she exuded confidence. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the scene — you never know with a new girl, no matter how sure of themselves they are. She absolutely blew me away.”

“Everything from the acting to the sex, she was phenomenal,” Lopez continues. “I went to straight to Spiegler after the scene and told him he had to meet this girl. Since then I have loved seeing Jane grow both as a person and as a performer. I can’t wait to see what amazing performances lay ahead for her.”

Wilde was reluctant to leave East Coast Talent, but Lopez insisted she take a meeting with Spiegler, where Wilde and the agent spoke for two hours.

Spiegler — who famously never watches porn — didn’t know about Wilde until a few weeks prior to their first meeting. “He didn’t say he would be interested in taking me; he said he was willing to take me. The word he used lets you know how exclusive he is and how picky he is with the talent that he takes on. And he said I’d have to move to L.A. permanently.”

After a couple of months arranging the switch, Wilde relocated to Los Angeles, and it was announced she was the new Spiegler Girl.

Wilde hates it when people think that being a Spiegler Girl is a cushy gig. “It’s not about your looks and your talent,” she says. “Spiegler doesn’t watch porn, the only thing he hears is word of mouth about your skills, your looks, you reputation, the way you get along with others, your intelligence. He really trusts the people he trusts, that’s why I say I owe so much to Alina Lopez because her recommendation after working with me one time is what got me a meeting with him and got him to want to represent me.”

Lopez’s scouting tip paid off. “She’s one of the top performers in the business right now,” the to-the-point, no-nonsense Spiegler tells XBIZ. “Anyone from Manuel Ferrara to Markus Dupree say she’s one of the best performers right now.”

Jane Wilde, 2020. Photo: Evil Angel

“Just DP Me, Right Now!”

After joining the Spiegler agency in September 2018, Wilde’s profile rose to new heights.

“People who had never paid attention to me before, because they didn’t like my look at the time,” she remembers, “were now requesting me. So I had to step my game up and started doing a bunch of anal scenes.”

Newly relocated to Woodland Hills, and now much in demand, suddenly, Wilde’s dream of  being in a Jonni Darkko showcase didn’t seem so unreachable. She shot her first anal scene for Darkko’s home studio, Evil Angel, with Francesca Le and Mark Wood, and it went very well.

Then she decided to shoot her first DP, for Hard X, and her confidence about “being to take it” and taking it “to the next level” increased even more.

“What happened was I got DP’ed off-camera. I just went ‘Just DP me, right now!’ and I loved it!

“Oh, I could really do something here,” she recalls thinking at the time. “If I really want to be true to myself and what I wanna do in this industry, it’s not about waiting, it’s doing what I wanna do.”

Behind the camera, once again, was Mason, “It was fitting,” Wilde says. “She was the one who opened the doors for me to this whole world of hardcore gonzo. It was everything I wanted to be and more.”

Riding high during her second year in the industry, it was still intimidating for Jane Wilde, anal gape queen, to tackle “the Darkko/Adriana thing.”

“I hadn’t shot for Jonni, but I kept watching his content that other people were shooting, at this point people that I knew,” Wilde admits. “Even after anal and DP, I still did not feel good enough to do this content. Even as a Spiegler girl, I thought ‘I’m not ready, I’m not pretty enough.'”

To Wilde, all the Darkko-worthy girls looked “like supermodels.”

“They were so gorgeous, and they are gorgeous,” she now realizes, “but it’s also the makeup, the gorgeous lingerie, the lighting, the music, the angles he gets. It’s everything combined!”

Wilde followed Darkko on Twitter, and, to her surprise, he followed her back. “He messaged me first and said, ‘Hey Jane, thanks for the follow. Looking forward to working with you.'”

This was the boost Wilde needed, the moment that had seemed unthinkable in that cam room in Queens.

“I was just like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy, the person I really want to work with so bad, just messaged me and thanked me for following him and he wants to work with me!” she says. So I took the initiative and wrote to him. I said ‘I’m not the best dick-sucker or deep-throater and I know that’s kind of your specialty, but I really wanna work with you and I wanna get better at it.”

Darkko booked the eager fan for an anal scene in March 2019.

“It’s not even a year ago! It’s all happened so fast for me,” Wilde says. “That’s why I always tell the girls, ‘Keep a journal!'”

Wilde remembers one vivid moment while shooting her first anal scene for Darkko when she looked at him and improvised “Are you gonna pound me?”

“Jonni got the biggest smile on his face, and he said, ‘Say that again’ and I [repeated] ‘Pound me?’ and he said, ‘That’s so hot how you say that.'”

“It changed everything for me,” Wilde says. “It brought my confidence to a new level. “The Jonni Darkko thought something I said, something I came up with in my head, was so fucking hot?”

She still says things like “Do you like how he’s pounding my ass?” every time she works for him.

Jane Wilde, 2019. Photo: Gustavo Turner

A Student of Porn

With Darkko and Evil Angel on board, and Wilde’s confidence and skills matching her exacting high standards, late 2019 was finally the time to plan her showcase.

“I know they’ve been working on this for months!” Mark Spiegler, who negotiated the contract for “Jane’s Anal Addiction,” told XBIZ. “They’ve really wanted this thing to be exactly the way they wanted it.”

Wilde is a student of performer showcases. She is as knowledgeable about them as any studio exec with greenlighting capabilities. After this writer referred to a Katrina Jade scene with Kissa Sins for “I Am Katrina” as “directed by Mason,” Wilde quickly corrects the mistake. “That’s not by Mason, it’s by John [Stagliano]. Makes sense, it’s still Evil Angel. Common mistake because it’s perfect gonzo. I love the whole series, amazing,” she says.

“Jane Wilde is a student of porn,” Disciples of Desire director Chef, who has worked with the performer often and helmed her XBIZ-winning “Bad Cop, Bad City” told XBIZ. “The subtleties, the nuances, the angles, the details, the energy, the beauty — she studies these things and applies them in her performances and for this reason she’ll be great.”

Wilde prepared for “Jane’s Anal Addiction” by looking at Darkko’s other showcases, beginning, of course with “The Ultimate Slut.”

“But I quickly realized I can never imitate that, that’s where I look for the best possible content you should do, it inspires me. I modeled mine more on the Holly Hendrix showcase and the Angel Smalls showcase.”

“I wanted to to do a B/B/G with Adriana, like in the Holly movie,” she explains. “I wanted to do my first blow-bang, and I wanted to do my first double anal, which Adriana did, Angel did, Holly did, and they all did it with Markus [Dupree] and John Strong, so I said, ‘This is key.'”

Darkko, thrilled at having a passionate, decisive collaborator, got her Dupree and Strong.

“Then I wanted to do a lesbian anal scene with Paige Owens, with big toys and stuff, and Jonni said, ‘what if we add Rob [Piper] to the scene and we make it a B/G/G?’ and I said, ‘At the end of the day, it’s your movie and if you think it’s the best idea, it’s gonna be the best idea’ — and, of course, it was.”

Jane Wilde and Adriana Chechik in “Jane’s Anal Addiction. Photo: Evil Angel

Ultimate Sluts

But the highlight of “Jane’s Anal Addiction,” unsurprisingly, is the long initial scene pairing Wilde with the woman she fangirled over before becoming a showcase-worthy star herself.

You can see the thrill in Wilde’s face, several minutes after the tease and the first few scenes, when she Chechik switch places and Wilde’s face gets really close to Chechik being pounded by Jessy Jones into a liquid, gushing frenzy.

Wilde’s look is 100 percent, “Oh my god, I watched this scene so many times, and now I’m in the fucking scene!

“That was exactly the vibe!” Wilde confirms. “I had met Adriana maybe once, maybe twice. When we shot that, I didn’t really know her. I was a huge fan — I can’t even explain how huge of a fan I was — and to this day I still am I love with her as a person. But she’s also, just one of the best sluts ever, one of the best performers, if not the best performer of all time.”

Wilde told Darkko, when they were conceiving the showcase, that it wasn’t just that she wanted a scene with Adriana — she “had to have a scene with Adriana.”

“I never worked with her before and I just thought it would be so special for my first time to ever work with her, and to be for this showcase, directed by Jonni, in a crazy threesome.”

Wilde had been watching the Holly Hendrix showcase where she had a scene with Chechik and, “it was the same situation as me: she was a huge fan. Jonni picks a muse every few years, and at the time Holly was his muse and he wanted to fulfill her dream, which was to work with Adriana so she got her scene with Adriana and Markus and it was one of the best scenes I’ve ever watched. It was so amazing, but at the same time you could still tell how in awe she was of the situation.”

When Wilde we walked into makeup, it was the first time she had really talked to Chechik.

“I was like, ‘This is really happening?’ and then I was so nervous. I can’t explain the nerves — they came back. I was never that nervous shooting my very first scenes in Florida, but this scene I was nervous as fuck.”

The reason Wilde was nervous was because she was a pretty good basketball player, but now she was going to be sharing the court with Michael Jordan.

“I mean, I knew she was going to show me out in my own showcase,” she laughs, “and I wanted her to.”

“When I actually saw her perform in person, right next to my face, it was so crazy. Jonni said, ‘Let’s go back to the basics, we don’t need to do anything crazy. We are only doing missionary and doggy, you’re gonna fuck with the toys, Jessy’s dick is basically a toy, just make it the way you want it to be.'”

“I mean, you have Adriana, you don’t need to do all this crazy stuff. She is the crazy stuff. Seeing her squirting like that and what she’s able to do as a performer, how she really gets into it, to see that in person and for that to be my scene in my showcase, it felt like coming full circle.”

Viewers can watch this little psychodrama play out during the first scene of “Jane’s Anal Addiction.” Wilde’s face beams her story, saying, ‘I got into this type of content watching you, being directed by this guy who’s now directing us, and it’s a surreal moment, a surreal moment for me.'”

“And then to see it on the screen…” Wilde muses, “there’s no words.”

Header photos source: Left, center images by Gustavo Turner; right image by Evil Angel Productions.

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