Cam2Cam Targets 'Growing Need' for Intimacy

LOS ANGELES — is targeting what they perceive as consumers’ “growing need for intimacy” with its two-way live cam platform that enables fans to turn on their webcams and become active participants in private shows.

According to the company, the voyeuristic interest consumers indulge when they watch other people have sex goes beyond the sex acts themselves. On a deeper, psychological level, Cam2Cam seeks to create and foster a sense of intimacy.

“When cams first emerged, there were a lot of technical challenges that needed to be overcome,” explains Rod Gloria of Cam2Cam. “Now, those obstacles have all been cleared away.”

“With stutter-less streaming even at nearly 4K high-definition clarity, binaural microphones, quality lighting, and experienced performers, cams can bring consumers right into the bedroom with the girl or guy of their dreams,” Gloria added. “What we have learned is that many want more than a passive voyeuristic experience — they want to participate — and that’s where Cam2Cam comes into play.”

Plug-and-play webcams, along with consumer awareness of two-way camming fueled by mainstream brands such as Skype and FaceTime, combined with the long-running “dick pic” phenomena, are indicators of the market for live mutual webcam shows.

One challenge for fans, however, is finding performers who share their enthusiasm for a mutual show. Many cam girls have become comfortable revealing their sexual fantasies and displaying their passion for sex, but a much smaller segment of the cam model community has an interest in also seeing what fans want to show them.

By focusing on mutual camming, Cam2Cam is gathering fans and models who enjoy JOI, SPH and other sex acts that require both participants to be seen.

“Taking all the technological points into account, it’s still the human element that is driving this trend according to the customer feedback we get from our growing fanbase,” Gloria explained. “When something like the coronavirus outbreak caused people to work from home, and avoid public places, the need for intimacy spiked and so did our traffic numbers.”

“Cam2Cam is the easy way for people to be intimate online,” concluded Gloria. “Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two across the digital divide or the naughtiest kinds of taboo sex shared between people who want to show as much as they want to see and hear, it’s clear that Cam2Cam is the new era platform for paying adult customers interested in playing together from home.”

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