MissaX Debuts Joanna Angel Collab

LOS ANGELES — MissaX has debuted its latest collaboration alongside Joanna Angel, titled “Neon Moonlight.” The first of three installments is now available at MissaX.com.  

The featurette, written by Angel with the help of Shawn Alff, and directed by Angel herself, stars Alexis Fawx opposite Quinton James in a fraught marriage that’s made more tense when the couple hit financial stress. 

As per the plot description, Fawx takes on a secret gig as an exotic dancer to help finance the college tuition of her stepson (Alex Jett). She tells her family that she’s working the night shift as a nurse but is discovered when her son’s friends take him to the strip club that she’s working at for his birthday. 

The sexual tension heats up when Jett’s friends buy him a lap dance from Fawx and she consequently has an orgasm while grinding on his lap. Jett has promised to keep her secret for the sake of his father and the family, but the following day, the two begin to grapple with their mounting desire for one another, struggling with “repressing their desires or giving into what their bodies want.”

Missa commended Angel on the new project, noting, “Joanna is a legend in the industry and Mike Quasar is an excellent videographer — it’s an honor and a privilege to work with them. We can’t wait to show MissaX.com members ‘Neon Moonlight.'”

View the trailer for “Neon Moonlight” here

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