FSC Production Hold Remains; All Affected Performers Retested

FSC Production Hold Remains; All Affected Performers Retested

LOS ANGELES — A production hold called by the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) following concerns over recent tests submitted via Talent Health Labs (THL) remains in effect, although the organization has since been able to contact and retest all affected performers. 

FSC announced that they expect to have results on new tests by tomorrow and that, once cleared, they plan to lift the mandatory production hold at that time. 

The text of today’s FSC update follows:

The mandatory production hold called on Wednesday, March 17 is still in effect. We do not believe there are any active cases of syphilis or HIV in the talent community, but need to clear all talent who recently tested with THL before we can lift the hold. 

We have been in contact with all affected talent. All who have retested are now clear. 

A couple of performers were delayed in getting tested. We now expect to have all results back on Wednesday. Once we are able to clear them, we should be able to lift the mandatory hold and open PASS. However, the voluntary hold will remain in effect.

Please email us at pass@freespeechcoalition.com with any questions.

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