Illustrator Joe Phillips Creates Erotic Art for GrowlBoys

Illustrator Joe Phillips Creates Erotic Art for GrowlBoys

LOS ANGELES — Carnal Media has partnered with noted illustrator Joe Phillips to create artwork for, which explores all-male transformation fetish through a combination of live-action videos — incorporating prosthetic creature makeup — character-driven written erotica and artwork.

“GrowlBoys produces graphic fantasies based on original concepts and storylines that transform illustrations into real-life fantasies featuring satyrs, demons, halfbreeds and other out-of-this-world sensuous creatures,” a rep said. The live-action performers “morph into the sexual creatures portrayed within the illustrations for live-action homoerotic scenes.”

Phillips has created artwork for such varied brands as Bud Light, DC Comics and Marvel Comics and rose to prominence in adult with 1999’s “The House of Morecock” and 2006’s “Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm,” both explicit, CG-animated gay adult titles.

The illustrator was introduced to Carnal Media co-founder Legrand Wolf earlier this year.

“Carnal Media and GrowlBoys are thrilled to have such a talented artist pen iconic art for our domains,” Wolf enthused. “We hope to have Joe Phillips return to be a regular contributor and hope this opens the door to even more gay erotic illustrators to join our team in creating gorgeous compositions for all to enjoy.”

Phillips’ art illustrates “Lost Boys — Chapter 7,” now available to members; the live-action interpretation will street later this month.

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