FSC Lifts Mandatory Production Hold, Still Urges Voluntary Halt

LOS ANGELES — Industry trade group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has issued a statement lifting the mandatory production hold related to testing, but still urges adult content makers to uphold the voluntary production hold related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the statement from the FSC:

We are lifting the mandatory production hold related to use of non-standard testing protocols by Talent Health Labs (THL). There were no positive tests for either syphilis or HIV. However, the voluntary production hold related to coronavirus remains in effect. 

At this time, no one should be shooting or creating content with partners who are not a part of their household. To do so during this pandemic poses a health risk to yourself, your partners, your crew, and the broader community. 

Shooting at this time is neither safe nor ethical, but we are re-opening PASS in order to prevent compounding the current health crisis with a blackout on STI information. 

Due to the fast-moving spread of this virus and the stay-at-home orders in California, Nevada, New York, and a growing number of regions across the continent, we urge all of you to stay home, leaving only for essentials.

Please email us at pass@freespeechcoalition.com with any questions.

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