2020 AltPorn Awards Opens Pre-Nominations Period


“If you know of any work produced in 2019 that really deserves attention for being outstanding, just hit up the nominations form,” a rep explained. “Calling attention to one’s own work is welcome, as well as, of course, asking supporters to assist.”

Organizers encourage suggestions for new categories.

The AltPorn Awards highlight “alt.porn, counterculture, subculture, punk, goth, emo, tattooed and just creatively offbeat smut,” notes the rep.

The 2020 ceremony, presented by MyFreeCams, is currently scheduled for May 15 in Los Angeles. Should circumstances dictate a change, organizers are prepared to reschedule the event.

“While we are fully prepared, trophies in stock, venue agreements and backup agreements in place, obviously there are some challenges to planning this year’s event,” explained AltPorn’s Cutter Smith. “Currently, it is unclear whether the May 15 date will be after the end of coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine orders. As this could potentially change, that is our tentative date, but obviously everyone’s safety has to be the top priority and we will do our part.”

Find the pre-nominations form here; visit AltPorn.net online and on Twitter for additional details and the latest updates.

View XBIZ’s coverage of last year’s winners here.

A list of 2020 AltPorn Awards categories follows:

  • Best Webcam Site for Alternative Cams
  • Best AltPorn Membership Site — Multi-girl/Community
  • Best Solo Girl AltPorn Membership Site
  • Best Clip Site for Indie Clip Artists
  • Best Female Performer of the Year
  • Best Male Performer of the Year
  • Best Feature AltPorn Video
  • Best Gonzo AltPorn Video
  • Best Modern Burlesque
  • Best Alternative Erotica Photographer
  • Best Cam Model of the Year
  • Best Clip Artist of the Year
  • Best Alt Magazine (that isn’t AltStar Magazine)
  • Best Alt Visual Arts Book of the Year
  • Best Sex Toy
  • Best Butt Toy
  • Best Tech Toy
  • Best Tech Innovation
  • Best Free AltPorn Site (that isn’t AltPorn.net)
  • Best Cam Creativity
  • Best Gothic Cam
  • Best Rave Cam
  • Best Modified Cam Girl
  • Best Punk Cam
  • Best Nerd Cam
  • Best 420 Cam
  • Best Cosplay Cam
  • Best Toys Clip Artist
  • Best Cosplay Clip Artist
  • Best Inked Clip Artist
  • Best Punk Shoot
  • Best Gothic Shoot
  • Best 420 Shoot
  • Best Cosplay Shoot
  • Best Rave Shoot

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