Update: FSC Begins Emergency Fund Disbursements

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has begun issuing disbursements from its Emergency Fund and has released an update alerting the industry to their progress.

The adult industry trade group has raised $69,000 and has received 410 applications for assistance; $30,000 of that total is now being disbursed to the first 100 applicants.

The text of tonight’s update follows:

The FSC Emergency Fund helps talent and crew who can’t work during the COVID-19 production hold. To date, we have received over 400 applications, with more coming in. 

Yesterday, we began sending $300 checks to each of the first 100 verified applicants, distributing $30,000 we had in a pre-existing emergency fund.

We are continuing to verify additional applicants as fast as we can. We have raised enough funds to send relief checks to the next 100 verified applicants. Those will go out as soon as we finish this current distribution. 

Our fundraising efforts have brought in an additional $39,000 so far, which includes a $10,000 donation from Pornhub. In addition, Pornhub will match new donations up to $20,000. (Please donate.) Each time we raise another $30,000 we will distribute the next round of checks. .

We thank you for your patience as work as quickly as we can to get these funds sent to talent and crew.

Donate to the FSC Emergency Fund here.

For more from the FSC, visit them online and on Twitter.

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