Ron Jeremy Remotely Joins Cast of Indie Coronavirus Movie

LOS ANGELES — Ron Jeremy has joined the cast of a new mainstream coronavirus-themed movie, “Duke of York,” being shot remotely by New York cult director Eric Rivas to respect social distancing protocols.

Jeremy had costarred in Rivas’ 2016 series “Vamp Bikers,” an indie supernatural thriller featuring appearances by New York nightlife legends like former Village Voice columnist Michael Musto and Michael Alig (as “God”), the real-life subject of the drama “Party Monster.”

Rivas, described by The New York Post as a “bizarro movie director,” told the paper that he had shot “footage of the empty city over the weekend from his car, and the actors — including porn star Ron Jeremy and nightlife fixture Noel Ashman — are sending him footage of themselves doing their dialogue, which he’s editing together.”

“Duke of York,” according to the director, “is about a dastardly movie producer who tries to trick a director into a killing an Asian actor in a misguided attempt to take revenge for the disease.”

“It’s sort of a stand against xenophobia, and also about people’s desperation during this time,” Rivas told the Post’s Page Six, which called the project a “high-camp psycho thriller.”

Main image: Still from Eric Rivas’ 2016 cult horror series “Vamp Biker,” co-starring Ron Jeremy.

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