ImLive Installs 'Kill Switch' for Viewers, Redirects to CDC

LOS ANGELES — has added a “kill switch” to its site, which allows viewers to instantly redirect to a more innocuous site when triggered. 

They debuted the new feature on April 1 and offers what company reps call a safe way to peruse adult content for users 18 and over. 

When clicked, the red “panic button,” located on the right-hand side of the screen, immediately closes ImLive and redirects to the CDC homepage, which features the most up-to-date information on COVID-19. 

Recent “stay-at-home” measures taken to combat the spread of coronavirus have prompted a rise in people turning to online adult entertainment; ImLive is proactively attempting to mitigate potential awkward moments amongst family or roommates. 

“For adult interactions — when privacy is often preferred — people must now contend with others suddenly being in the same room,” Adrian Stoneman of ImLive told the Toronto Sun

The kill switch default URL can also be edited to a website of the user’s choosing. 

“The idea is that as more people are at home and surrounded by family, it’s good to be able to make a quick exit sometimes,” said ImLive’s Shay Efron, VP of marketing and business development. 

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