JustFor.fans Adds 'Shout-Out' Tool to Platform


Each post now has a “shout-out” button at the bottom. When a model clicks on that button, that post appears on their own timeline, so that all of their subscribers can see it.

“‘Shout-out’ groups, which exist to help models promote each other, are very successful at growing a new model’s fan base,” JFF’s Dominic Ford explained. “This feature institutionalizes this and makes it incredibly easy and traceable [so] users can see if their sales came from another model’s page, and therefore what the value of these shout-outs are.”

Ford said that shout-outs on a model’s page are visible only to subscribers of that model, avoiding traffic leaks that could lead a potential subscriber to a different model’s page. Also, users can hide shout-outs so that they’ll only see their desired model’s content.

“JFF has released a new major feature every day for the last two weeks, and will continue to make its platform the most robust in the industry,” Ford added, and noted that JFF offers payouts of up to 85 percent and was built by a sex worker for sex workers. “We have launched live cams, custom video requests, a new chat center, a redesigned profile page, the new shout-out system and much more.”

“We think the choice between platforms is obvious, and we hope more models will make the switch to JFF,” Ford concluded.

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