Alt Erotic Rolls Out 2 DIY Series Starring Inked Performers

LOS ANGELES — Starting today, with a solo “squirtfest” from Leya Falcon, Alt Erotic will begin rolling out DIY content filmed by performers who have been self-quarantining during the pandemic.

Falcon filmed the scene in her own bedroom on her seventh day of lockdown. Subsequent scenes will be posted weekly featuring Rocky Emerson, Hellcat Nat, Vex Voltage, U.K. model Sabien DeMonia, Ukrainian performer Kate Utopia and Alt Erotic brand ambassador Amber Luke.

Sascha Ink, Alt Erotic’s owner, remotely produced the performer-pros’ content, which they have titled “Quarantined and Horny.”

“As the quarantine keeps being extended, our loneliness turns to horniness,” a rep enthused. “Alt Erotic has your cure for COVID-19 boredom. Don’t worry if the quarantine extends, we have plenty of alt models lined up to keep your cold, lonely nights a bit warmer.”

Alt Erotic performers are also contributing candid, self-produced diary entries about their body ink to “QuarantINKED” on Alt Erotic’s YouTube channel

“This quarantine has helped me sit back and brainstorm ideas upon ideas,” said company principal Ivan. “Why not be productive with models who are talented as well as creative artists on their own? This is just another way of keeping us upbeat and motivated and — for so many — getting our rocks off watching super-hot alt models in the privacy of their quarantined lives.”

Sascha Ink enthused about “QuarantINKED.”

“I can’t believe how many models have reached out our TattooAddiction channel,” he said. “This is an exciting time for our company; we are motivated, whether it’s under quarantine rules or creating within our own means.”

Each participating performer also receives a limited-edition “QuarantINKED” shirt. Direct inquiries to or text Ivan at (323) 397-5856.

Find Alt Erotic online and follow the brand on Twitter for the latest updates.

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