Domino Presley Featured in New Pop Remix by Alissah

LOS ANGELES — Domino Presley is featured in trans pop star Alissah’s new single for “Daddy (Thee Stallion Remix).”

“When Alissah first played her latest single ‘Daddy’ for me, I screamed,” said Presley. “I had a literal fangirl reaction, screamed, fell out of my bed and started shaking my ass. After about the 1000th time listening to the new song, I texted her back and basically forced myself on whatever future remix she would do for ‘Daddy.'”

Alissah explained she has been “doing music since 2015 and first met Domino back in 2006. She was doing music at the time and I was inspired by her to start it one day. Fast forward to today, we are both doing what we love to do.”

The duo is doing a mashup remix to Alissah’s latest single ‘Daddy’ which originally premiered on Global Pride back in June, and is now remixed with Megan Thee Stallions hit single, ‘Girls In The Hood.’”

“The song is a sugarbaby/OnlyFans anthem,” Presley added. “It’s all about being a spoiled girl/boy/being who has no care in the world because, ‘Daddy takes care of me anyway he can.’ So who better to hop on the remix than an actual porn star and OnlyFans content creator?”

Presley calls the single her “musical debut as ‘Domino.'”

“I used to do music way back in the day pre-transition with my little MySpace music page — but that’s for another interview — and I couldn’t be more excited that it’s with Alissah, because I truly am one of her biggest fans,” the multi-award winner Presley added. “That being said, I plan on forcing myself into more of her music in the future.”

Alissah’s “Daddy (Thee Stallion Remix) feat. Domino” can also be found on YouTube.

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