Kimberly Kane: Brothel Work, Food Domination, and Performer Advocacy

Kimberly Kane is a legendary porn performer and sex worker.  She looks back on her career from her naive introduction to the porn world in her late teens to her latest incarnation as a “Dommy Mommy”. Along the way she has taken many stands for sex workers rights: from quitting a good brothel job over worker safety, to helping found APAC, to offering advice and guidance to a younger generation. And of course, she gets into the tasty details of food fetishism. 

Show Notes:
01:26 How 2020 was for her.
02:54 2020 saw an explosion of sex work.
06:55 The biggest change she’s seen in porn recently is the rise of the MILF.
12:58 The best changes in porn recently.
17:59 How she got into the industry.
23:03 She’s a second generation sex worker.
24:55 Her involvement in the founding of APAC, the Adult Performer Advocacy Commitee.
28:09 Her experiences with food fetishes.
33:45 Her experiences working at brothels, how she quit one recently, and how she hopes they will change in the future.
44:39 The domination oriented content she’s creating now.

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