Lauren Phillips Stars in Girlsway's 'A Crash Course in Independence'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Lauren Phillips stars in “A Crash Course in Independence,” a new Girlsway scene debuting tomorrow on Mommy’s Girl and the main site.

According to a rep, “A Crash Course in Independence” — Phillips’ 13th scene on the all-girl site — “revolves around Lauren becoming an independent woman.”

“Her husband, who used to do everything for her, has left,” the rep explained. “Lauren has issues doing basic household chores, like making her bed, but her step-daughter Vanna Bardot is coming to her rescue. Over the next week, Vanna schools Lauren on various household chores, and while she is overseeing Lauren’s cleaning, she notices Lauren has no panties on when she bends…”

“It looks like Lauren will be learning more ‘things’ from Vanna,” the rep chuckled.

Phillips said this “was a really fun scene to film and definitely required some acting since I’m definitely a domesticated woman. But it’s a great premise for a Girlsway scene. Vanna was amazing to work with, and I’d love to work with her again!”

To watch “A Crash Course in Independence,” visit Girlsway.

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