Riley and Cameron: Poly, Parents, and Proud

Cameron & Riley are a polyamourous couple, sex workers, and intimacy companions but they are also parents who are devoted to raising happy and healthy children. For the very first time, they speak publicly about the challenges and rewards they have experinced along their jounery.

Show Notes:
01:28 What it’s like to be a sex worker and a parent.
05:08 Issues with childcare.
08:06 How being sex workers have made them better parents.
11:51 How the life skills they’ve developed as sex workers have benfitted their kids.
21:33 The are Intimacy Companions but the started as Doms.
30:13 The work they do with couples.
34:39 How they met and their polyamourous lifestyle.
42:30 How they deal with jealosy.

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